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Marina II by lamarvalley - Artesania Latina 1:50 scale

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  • 2 weeks later...

Wow, I'm really asleep at the wheel this past week.

It took me over a week to pickup on this one. I've clicked the follow button so I'll be along for your second ride also.


I love seeing a boat take a bashing, but enjoy even more when the bashing becomes personal. You know you have the skills to pull this off Randy. Don't even make me break out the double dog dares again :P


Its GREAT to see one of my favorite builders back at a hobby he loves. I love the research vessel idea, are you considering a diving platform on back, or a...on heck one of those railed plank/platform things (like on the Orca from Jaws) on the bow? I can think of hundreds of scenarios and ideas.


This is going to be a fun one to watch develop. :dancetl6:

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Your definitely talking to one that understands straying far away from the kit intended and your bow restructuring will be much more involved then my stern Prism addition. I can tell you that building her to fit your ideas is an exercise in freedom. After all nearly every ship build for centuries WAS NOT a cookie cutter project and each had the fingerprint of her builder. Yours definitely WILL do that.
Shark cage, how'd I forget that. That's a must.
...and the best part will be stretching those neural connections thinking of ways to accomplish all your ideas. Ideas will spawn newer ideas. Remember the DSotM all started with a simple, what if I put a prism on the transom and once the wall started to fall, it was all over.
And I would definitely do it again, What I envisioned as a 6 month build is pushing 2 years and frankly I don't care as I'm building to suit me alone. I wish you all the joy and frustration is causes, as you bash you way to oblivion. The frustration will give way to enlightenment as you achieve your goals and discover new ones. This will be FUN  :dancetl6:
I'll see you on the Dark Side of the Moon my friend.

Just remember...
There is no dark side of the moon really.
Matter of fact it's all dark.

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Marina II is no more, may she rest in piece.

So have you thought of her name, Randy. Every vessel needs one. The day I changed Swift into the Dock Side of the Moon, well... I'm not really sure how to explain it..... kinda like when the Grinch heard the Who's singing, something snapped and it defined the build.

Who's captaining this? You?  then what does your gut say she is...

It looks like she's progressing good and as planned. Your symmetry looks good, which can be the hardest part.

Asymmetries,  we all have them, but nobodies talking .... and shouldn't, because if it's important enough to bring up in a build log, it's important enough to fix.


Its wonderful watching ideas become real. I never though I could pull off the prism transom, but did. The pigurehead with brass wings was a mad idea, but it worked, at least in my eyes and that really all the matters.


Like the famous last question on the philosophy exam - WHY?


and the answer simply is BECAUSE!  


I'd throw in - Because it's bewildering, and I find that fun :dancetl6:

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hello Randy :)


quite an undertaking you have here.......a major change from the subject of the kit.  is the hull construction compatible with the subject you want to build?  what mods will you need to make........curvature of the deck line...etc?  you've done well in removing the curvature of the bow......but are you going to decrease the curvature of the bulwark / deck line?  it should be more subtle,  to mimic the more traditional  'V' hulls,  in relation to the width of the hull.   the Nordkap is a good example of bow curvature.   I look forward in seeing the direction you take with this build  ;)

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The question I have Randy is did you completely eliminate the first 2 bulkheads with solid balsa, I can see where they would have been, but it looks solid balsa.
Also that last picture doesn't show far enough back, say to bulkhead 4 or 5, as the broadside photo on the previous page seems to have concave curvature in the upper bulkheads to at least bulkhead 4.
Just trimming the peaks, would narrow the deck and you'll need all the deck you can get with scuba equipment and such.
I'd think shimming the concave out of them would be the easiest fix while maintaining deck width, which you may have done or be considering. Of course that again depends on the sheer line and how the bow change effects that.

That's the nice part of this kind of bashing, you can add to and take away, as you please, until the shape suits you.
Lamario DeVallenici :P  :D hey now there's a name for her :huh:
So which step are you on now... 42? (Douglas Adams ref.) as 42 is the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything.

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I built the Nordkap.......it was a great build,  and I still managed to do some bashing on her. {that's my baby......my first build}  I don't think the logs are here anymore....I do have them on my Blogger site.   I wondered about the ribs as well.......I could just barely make them out.


interested to see what your next update holds  ;)

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I'm glad I bought my wood pre-dyed.
Looking good Randy. I like the color combo and it has that worked on look, for sure.
...I think its time to get a bigger boat....
I can't help thinking of the Orca from Jaws when reading this build, every since you mentioned the shark cage. I need to re-watch that one. Popeye's Andrea Gail got me digging out the prefect storm to re-watch. Its funny how now I watch the ships in movies, rather then the actors, looking for details.
I wonder if any of the old Jacques Cousteau episodes are on youtube......

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There is an Orca in the scratch build section (a beautiful build), it's just you mentioning that shark cage that always makes me think that, kind of like a song you can't get out of your head,

Isn't it interesting how something that starts out as a Opps, can actually end up as you wanted. Innovation can take some strange paths. To me that's the fun part of a build like this.

Rules... what rules, instructions..HAHAhhahahahhha. nothing but fun as a compass.  :dancetl6:

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deck looks nice Randy.........you'll find that sometimes the process leads to be desired,  but the end results will make you smile.  but hey.......with a good  'mind's eye'  and a bit of imagination.....it'll be a cool build for sure.  ;)    just don't glue any ladders to your table  :D

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I'm beginning to think this is like the round about way to scratch building


1) buy kit

2) semi construct kit

3) change kit pieces out with scratch built ones until and the kit is completely gone.

4) revel in the taste of freedom


This is like a good movie that you can't quite figure out, but can't stop watching to see what happens next. I'm loving it.   :dancetl6:

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.... sometime those steps backward physically are actually a step forward mentally.


Trying is the price of finding out what won't work and without pushing the envelope how do we find the greatness of advancing forward. All ship development happened by some person thinking "what if I....."


As long as the fun is there, your doing it right.

I just can't wait because you mentioned a "sub"....oh boy is this great.... a shark cage and a sub.... This is going to be a build log to remember, I can feel it in my bones.


I like the rear deck construction, it reminds me of a documentary on ocean salvage I watched recently... I just wish I could remember what it was....

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