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Rudder Straps and White Stuff

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Hi all,


I've asked this in my build log but hopefully can generate a wider opinion here.


I'm fitting rudder straps to my ballahoo model, using black paper to represent the straps. The hull is not copper plated but finished in 'white stuff'. My query is would the straps have been overpainted with 'white stuff' or would the metal have been left bare?


I like the contrast of straps (black or cuprous) against the white hull but would prefer a more historically accurate finish if possible.


Cheers guys

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Greetings Jim,


Hold on. It is my understanding that "white stuff" was not paint, but rather a coating. I believe the main ingredient was tallow, with other materials added in an attempt to give it anti- fouling properties. My opinion is that it was applied to all bottom surfaces including metal, by design or accident, but probably did not adhere as well to metal. As a result the iron work (straps) may have shown through in a short time. As an option you could coat the straps with a much watered down paint that you use to paint bottom. This would allow the blackish straps to "read" through the coating which is probably the real deal.



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