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Shape of an English Lanteen Mizzen 1670-1700

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If you were working on a Royal Navy Vessel in the closing decades of the 17th century, what shape would you give the mizzen sail?


Lee says triangular and cut square with the leech and the foot at 90˚ 


I have seen a number of illustration and modern plans that show the mizzen as a four sided trapezoid almost as though a rectangular bonnet had been added to the foot.


It is not a question of appearance. Which is historically correct?


I do not know of any English sail plans between Mathew Bakes galleons in the late 1500's and a rigging plan for the 1719 Establishment. Even St Anthony Deane in his Doctrine of Naval Architecture only show the spars not the sails.



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I don't know the definitive answer to your question. However, the lower plan is a little suspect as reef points came in about the end of the 17th century. I'd go with Van de Velde: he was around at the time! His lateen mizens are definitely triangular. Bonnets went out of fashion as reefing came in.

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