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HMS Victory by Victory_Aus - Mamoli - 1:150

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Hi All,


I bought a Mamoli 1:150 HMS Victory back in March. I’ve attached a picture of where I’m up to at the moment. I don’t really know one end of a ship to another to be honest, but quite enjoy learning about history and this ship has that in spades. I've always been interested in Nelson and Napoleon since I travelled through Europe some years ago.


I’m not a complete unco when it comes to wood work, so thought I’d jump into something that’s relatively difficult to challenge me, but I admit I’m not quite ready for one of the big boys just yet! lol 


It’s taken a long time to get it to this point but I’ve quite enjoyed the experience. It can be quite therapeutic at times when life gets busy and proud of the fact of I’ve been able to create a 3D shape out of a pile of wood! The kit itself was pretty challenging to line everything initially, so I've had to make some adjustments on the run!.


I’m currently at a point where I’m sticking down all these little pieces to simulate copper on the hull – I’m going cross eyed in the process. Does anyone have any thoughts on what style of copper paint to use? Is metallic copper to radical? I think the flat copper is unlikely to give it a metal finish like real copper.


The unfortunate thing about the Mamoli kit is I’m missing a couple of cannons. I understand from the supplier i purchased the kit from that Mamoli is no longer trading, so I’m unable to source replacement parts :( it seems i'll be a couple of cannons short on the upper deck.


Hope it's looking up to scratch compared to some of the amazing builds I've seen on here.






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I finally finished all the tiling on the hull of the ship.


I'm fairly certain the Mamoli factory was burnt down by a rogue modeler that had the pleasure of sticking these things down. I've gone crossed eyed. It looks ok but the problem is none of the little pieces of wood were cut into a consistent size. It was a battle to get the consistency in the pattern.


It was my first time doing this tiling and I released a little to late I was painting myself into a corner after a while. I had to also bring the tiles from bottom up before things got to far out of shape. I think I get a pass.


I've started painting the hull with liquid copper paint. It's coming up quite good.


I'm going to look forward to adding some detail to the top.


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For those that may be interested on my build I've finally finished all the detail and paint on the hull... Pretty happy with my efforts for a first build.


Is anyone able to help me with the best method for attaching the dead eyes to the masts? I've just wrapped them around with a dab if glue but seems like there is a better way? Any help appreciated I've put up a picture of one of the masts I'm working on as an example.



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Haha no I started in March 2014. I put a fair bit of effort pushing making the hull, planking and etc, but only do one tiny bit a week so slow going... I'm kinda stuck on the rigging because I'm not familiar with many knots and its a bit tedious. I'm just stuck on how to tie things to the masts.

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What you need is some books, there are a lot of good one's out there that will give you all you need to know.


Have a look on the Internet for books on Victory.


That's your best way, unless your in a hurry that is. :)


Frank :piratebo5:

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