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popeye the sailor

Andrea Gail by Popeye the Sailor - 1:20 scale

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If that's all you can come up with Denis I don't why you bothered in the first place. :D  :D :D  :D  :D  :D  


Seriously mate it just gets better and better, you fully deserve each and every plaudit.


Gonna stop now before I go all mushy.


Be Good



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it's 1 Am........been quite a day.   actually......the last couple days have been busy...but.........I managed to get some table time in..........here's what I did Tuesday   { I'll do the rest tomorrow......or later on today,  whichever way you want to look at it} ;)


the rest of the beads were cemented in place on the rope {string......thread......imaginative descriptions}




while I was milling about,  I caught this view of her..........had to snap a picture.




now.......for some strange reason,  the ca wouldn't stick,  as I attempted to put the rope on the preservers.  tried a few times, but heck no.......   rather than get frustrated,  I thought up a different method.   taking smaller thread,  the rope was tied to the preserver {no knot}.....kind of like the first binding when you tie your shoe.  the thread was wrapped around one more time,  and the same tie was done  {no knot}.   this allows the thread to lay flat on the preserver,  and not become too thick.  the rope being tied on,  was then adjusted,  and a tiny bit of CA was applied to the tie.  I had just enough time to make a last adjustment,  if needed.




it also helped to have the  'helping hands'........don't know how I got along before without it  ;)    great little tool!   this is the first one I did......in finishing it,  I pulled too much and pulled the rope out.  rather than redo it,  I just fixed it and left it at that.  I'll make sure this one goes on the bulkhead wall.




the other two came out good......actually have some nice loops.  this method looks better too....the rope bindings make it look a bit more real.   I don't think I'll be slapp'in 'em together any more the way I used to.



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thanks for all the kind comments and the likes!  


Nenad........I don't know what it was.....but it's better to find a solution,  than to get frustrated  ;)


thanks John......what can I say..........YOU taught me  :)


Greg.........yes they do.   when I did the Mary Ann,  I made decals for them......think I did it on another build too.   these are too small.......I could have,  but I may do just as well to scribble some black paint on them  :D  :D  wait till you see the ones for the Boulogne Etaples.......now these are large enough to have fun with  ;)


Wayne..........some do.  I think it would depend on how low in the water the ship sits.   on the higher hulled ships,  I would think just keeping the man overboard buoyant, would be their first priority.  I just can't see someone running to the side with a preserver,  and an armload of rope.  then to think that in the early days.....it would be time consuming to tie a rope on there........but today,  it's much easier due to the use of lanyard hooks {snap hooks}.  yea,  I thought about it too........figured to just keep it simple  :)  


Patrick........the stand she's on already is it.   I like the pillared look,  but have never done it.  I usually used the stand that comes with the kit.   the dilemma that I'm really concerned with is a case.........darn thing is going to have to look like a square box!   I'll post some dimensions later  ;)

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Those life-preservers look great Dennis! I've had trouble with CA in the past on certain types of plastic, so like the other guys said, I guess it's temperamental.



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thanks Augie........as Mark wrote.......the times that try men's souls.   mine is  'nuth'in to get hung about........'  :D



so anyway........the preservers were set aside for a short time.......and then cemented in place.  as I mentioned,  the one with the minor defect  {really minor} was put on the bulkhead wall.




the holder for this one was painted flat white.






I had one more plastic single block left over.  since the bead string is done,  I cut the excess off and seized the block to it.  it was then wound up in a coil and cemented with white glue to keep the coil together.   it was then cemented on the main deck under the podium.




then......something amazing happened.......all the clutter disappeared!   the several months of dust and stuff......gone!




the buoy string was cut into three sections.   the first section had a stub of rope sticking out.........white glue was squeezed into the hole,  and the stubble was tucked in to create a rope eye loop.   this one was to be placed in the top of the podium.




the other two were of equal length.  for the ends of these two,  I did something a bit different.   trimming the rope stubbles off,  metal eye bolts were cemented in.




the first one was laid lengthwise along the starboard side.




the other one was laid down however it wanted to..........



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thank you  Sal,  Carl,  and all you fine folks who hit the like button.   the clean table......yea,  there's a reason for doing it.


in putting the last few pieces in place,  I feel this would be the best time to call this build finished.   oh,  I'm sure that there are a few more aspects I could add,  but confinement of space is beginning to be a problem.   some of the aspects I've added,  and some that I still had in mind,  would have been better done,  if the trawl rig wasn't in place.




I did some modifications that wasn't on the actual boat,  but they are minor,  considering how close this build looks compared to the kit build.  I'm pretty amazed how close I got.   it's too bad I couldn't find the rigging directions for her....I could have gotten closer to that as well.   what the heck........I muddled through  ;)




Frank......if your looking in......I tried.......I really did.   I guess George Clooney is too busy :(   I got the addresses for his agent and publisher,  and sent them a letter along with pictures.  I haven't heard back thus far.  I'm still holding the candle though,  perhaps I may hear something down the road......if I do,  I'll post it  ;)




these are just a few pictures of the finished boat.  I will do some more for the gallery.......even some of the Lobsie twins.....they're about a year overdue.   I'm so very glad that you folks enjoyed the build.......I had an absolute blast in doing it!   should I add any more to her,  I will be sure to post it as well.


thanks for looking in and showing your support and suggestions!

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Truly going to miss the (almost) everyday progress on her.  She's a spectacular example of what a working boat should look like.  And scratched to boot.  You deserve to be very proud, Denis.  The details are simply phenomenal.


I'll be looking forward to her 'reveal' in your gallery.  And, I just need to ask ......


WHAT'S NEXT, mate ??  

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OMG!!!  thank you all for the kind comments,  and to those of you who hit the like button as well.  :)    yes Augie,  I am very pleased with how she came out.  I will probably still look over to the table,  expecting to see her,  when she's off the table finally.   I have been in and out for most of the day,  so I haven't made much progress on anything.  I do have a correction to make........I mentioned several months.......it's actually nine months.  I started snapp'in pictures the first of September, 2014.   during the time period,  roughly 824 pictures were taken of her progress.  my Word Press build log on her is the largest log I've done to date......93 entries.......94 when I add in the gallery  {I hate the term  'blog'.......it sounds so........'preppie'  :D  :D


it's amazing what an idea looks like in the flesh..........assembling the Boulogne hull,  and working on the Holiday Harbor boats.....   they kept me thinking about Andrea and it gave me time to think of what would need to be done to make it happen.   when I finally started.....it was very hard to turn off.


good question......what's next.  well.....I decided to start the Academy Titanic build.  nothing big at the moment.......I did a tiny bit of assembly and am currently making observations on a couple of ideas,  but I'm thinking of doing a mostly  'out of the box'  build.  I still have some research to do as well.

    I'm still looking toward dwindling down my back logs......I may bounce around a couple of builds while the Titanic is going on......perhaps I'll settle in and finish another one  {I hope}.   got to get wood and stuff before I can go completely nuts again........got to replen the parts I stole from the other builds,  so my choices are narrowed down at the moment.  but I'll be back on track very soon  ;)


again,  I thank you for your kind comments, and following along on this crazy journey.  I'm very glad you all enjoyed this tangent I went on.  I know I did!  :)

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hello Mark!  thanks for the good word.  remember,  I started the hobby with the Nordkap.   I have a couple......well,  three sailing ships in my roster,  but the fishing vessel will always be a foundation for me.   I like them.......there is a much more open playing field.....I can go rampant with enhancements,  as long as I stay in the subject parameters.  the Lobsie twin build taught me that.  I think there is a beauty in all ships and boats.......especially the ones less noted.  I was so amazed that this boat had so little information and pictures......but I didn't check out the Gloucester harbor where she hailed from.  I relied mostly on online images and the Billing's instructions.   we build what we know,  my friend.......but if you ever want to try a build off your beaten path,  look around....there are kit out there......Dumas has a few.  I just hope the Licorne doesn't get jealous  ;)

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 Wow. Can we go fishing now?  Loved following along with your build Popeye. Nice to see such a fine piece of craftsmanship come to lite.          Soooooooo what's next. Whatever it is I'll be looking for it.


              Happy Modeling,

               Marty G.

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Hi Popeye


What a supper job that you have did on your Andrea Gail. It is truly amazing just how you pulled it all together and come up with such a museum quality ship. With so many great ideas and then to make them all fit together into such a fine fishing boat , ENJOY.


Regards Lawrence

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