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US Frigate Confederacy by mrmadalena - Model Shipways - scale 1:64

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Time for an update. I have spent the last couple days working on the stern framing. The sills were positioned and glued in place. Sanded everthing down and used the templates to check size. The window widths look good. The height still needs some adjustments, but I think i will finish this up when I am actually installing the windows.


Also, quarter fillers were installed and stern ports on the lower counter were installed. Again, using the template to check for position. Lastly, the filler stips were installed under the stern counter and faired. The look good, but im sure final adjustments will be needed once planking starts.


Now on to the false deck.






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Its hard to see the definition in the lower and upper counters.  This can be tricky unless you define it better.  Note in the first picture I drew the shape of the counters with lines on the right.  But on the left side you can still see a very crisp edge and corners that define these areas.  I would take some sandpaper and sanding sticks to your counters and see if you can better define their shapes as shown in this photo.  Remember the upper counter (the skinny long one on the bottom in these photos)  needs to be a consistent width as it works its way port to starboard.  Most folks have a tendency to make it wider in the middle and I can see that happening in your pictures.  You can correct this buy working the sand paper across the counters carefully as you fair it more.  Remember to try and create hard line breaks between these counters and the sides of the lower counter.







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It has been a bit since my last update, but I have been busy. A bit slow going. I have worked on the beakhead bulkhead and the gun port framing. I just finished installing the hance pieces.


Now for lots of pictures starting with the bulkhead and moving through the gun framing progression.












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Thanks Augie. The sheaves are a nice detail on the model. Since the last post I painted the gun ports (bulwarks red) installed the lower counter, installed batten strips and made sure everything was straight. I made the jig to pre-bend the planks. The pic below shows the first strips (5/32" x 1/16") in the jig drying.




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Hi all! First off, thanks for all the likes and comments. I appreciate it. I have been working on the hull planking for the last month. This is mostly done with a bit more clean up to do. I have also installed the main wnd channel Wales. Next up, some more clean up, install the sweep ports. Then, staining and painting before tree nailing.





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Hi all. Time for an update to my Confederacy build. Since the the last post, I stained the hull using a 30% golden oak 70% natural mix like Augie did on his build. (thanks to Augie for the indirect suggestion!). I then did the drilling for the treenails. I did not use the same pattern as Chuck's prototype. I treenailed every other frame. Next, I filled the holes with wood filler after cleaning them out a bit. I resanded the hull to clean up excess filler and applied two more coats of stain. After drying, I taped off around the wales and below the quarterdeck and forecastle. I applied multiple coates of thined hull black paint. After drying, I installed the the fancy molding that was made using the provided scaper. (first time using scrapers and they work great!) The molding was stained the same color as the planks.


Next up, a bit of clean up and applying satin polyurethane and get ready to plank below the wales.


Pictures of the complete ship below.









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looks fine....thanks for reminding me about the treenails :)......oh.....i wish i had temporarily reinforced the tops of the stern framing...even wrapping some masking tape around them....they're  easy to damage and as i'm not as neat a worker, the tops on mine are somewhat rounded and will have to be built up when the time comes....

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Hi all. I am mostly finished the lower hull. The hull turned out ok. Im going back and forth about treenailing the lower hull. Im not sure if it will be worth the effort. Im kind of burned out on plwnking and the hull. Any thoughts? Other than taht, I still have a bit of clean up to do and then I'm going to apply a natural stain.


Pics below






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