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H.M.S. Bounty by vossy - Amati - scale 1:60

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:piratebo5:ok so I thought I would begin a log on the Bounty as their are very few around. I have viewed david's and roman's build of this great vessel a zillion times and hope to do them justice with this effort. due to my interstate work commitments updates maybe somewhat spasmodic but I will do my best. please be forewarned I'm no Damien Parer with a camera though! :( am going to bypass the usual pics of box contents etc and get into the nitty gritty. here goes.....




I always use filler blocks :) its a little known fact that God created Balsa wood to specifically stop model ship builders from abandoning the project at this stage :10_1_10:






and on the stern



ok heaps more to come just need to see if this worked before posting more.


cheers vossy






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You can add as many pictures to a post as you like, just keep adding them on the bottom.  You can also insert the pictures anywhere in your post that you want, just position the cursor where you want the picture prior to clicking on the 'add to post' button.


Looks like you've made a good start!   munchies.gif

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Vossy very interested in following this I just started my own, doing lots of reading. Cant seem to find David and Roman log that you mention. I am already stuck on step two working on it. Billings has no written explanation and drawings are ok but dont show a lot of things.


Good luck looking forward to seeing your progress.

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ok need a bit of advice here :huh: hope someone can help :) it appears there are zero build logs on the beginning of this model :(


in case I muck up the uploading of files again!!!! I will ask the question and just hope the pics come through. Do I need to add any more horizontal first planks to Bounty's stern area? Or should I now just keep going with the first planking layer on the sides and sweep them up to meet the stern area as it currently is?


cheers chris

















Hopefully that worked :rolleyes:









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well this is where I'm at. stuck! :( no-one seems to either know or want to offer advice bar roman who lives in Russia and takes an eternity to communicate with because of the distance and time zone issues (not his fault btw). will give it till the end of the weekend then just like Indiana jones take the great leap of faithand hope for the best. :o





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g'day all. so as I have said I'm a bit confused as to my next move so a pic and some comments would be most appreciated :) the said plank hasn't been glued only bent and nailed. question - does this look like I'm on the right track after I shape this plank on the stern ( I realize I have to do that). this is my first time at this type of stern. santa maria and golden hind were both flat and I found them pretty (well relatively) easy. this I just don't know :huh: anyway onto the pic


cheers chris





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g'day brian (or should i say Active Member). what i really would like advice with is i have i planked the transom down towards the keel lower enough to begin the side planking? jeez mate i have asked this question on multiple forums with no clear answer. harder than doing a guts watch in the mighty Bass Straight.  :10_1_10: rip HMAS Torrens DE53


cheers chris

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