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ensign and signalling flags for the Bounty

Ian B

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I would like to add an ensign (if that is correct for the Bounty) and some signalling flags, where and how would they be hoisted on the Bounty? The Billings kit came with a small badly printed ensign to be mounted on the top of the main mast but no clues on how and where the lines would be tied off on deck.


Thanks ian


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This topic is covered pretty comprehensively in another thread here somewhere. In short, the flag is tied to a Flag Halyard that is run through a very small block or sheave at the very top of the mast. If its a sheave its set directly into the cap on the masthead. The flag halyard material is some of the thinnest line on the whole ship so on your model make it the thinnest stuff you have. its one long line that runs all the way up to the masthead then all the way back down to the deck, this way the flag can be set or struck by someone standing on the deck, you don't have to climb up there to get it. It will belay immediately aft of the aftermost line coming off the mast it is on. No other line coming off the mast in question will belay behind this line. Its the highest line on the mast so it will be the aftermost line on the pinrail.

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Hello Ian, as the Bounty was on a specific Admiralty mission, she would have worn the Red Ensign at the Gaff Peak, and her Commissioning Pennant at the main Masthead. This was kept flying during the whole course of a ships commission.


As Bounty wasn't tied to a squadron, the Pennant was most probably of the common (Tricolour) version, and as it was permanently in place, the halyard may have been secured in the Main top.



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