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Caldercraft HMS Victory 1:72

Bill Hime

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Hello Everyone,

So I see in Caldercrafts advertising, they state that their Victory model is the most accurate version on the market, largely due to their relationship with the curator overseeing the real HMS Victory. 

What experiences, if any, has anyone here had with this model and how are Caldercraft plans to work with?


Also, it has a pretty hefty price tag of $1,199.00 from "Age of Sails" website. Does the quality of the kit live up to the price tag?


Sincere Regards,



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I have built this kit and in my opinion it is worth every penny! The plans are on 18 sheets & very well done.The instructions are very detailed & not too hard to follow if you a couple of builds already done. The parts identification book alone is 42 pages. The wood is all CNC cut very accurately so there is no laser char on the edges to clean off. Also any wood that will have edges showing is solid wood - not plywood. The castings & PE parts are very well made also.My only real disappointment were the rigging blocks - they seem to be the square ones that seem to come with every kit. 



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Mark T.

Thank you, lol, that's like walking into a hobby store for a tube of glue...............3 hours later :)! Oh well, it's already started, no since to resist ;)



Thank you for the quick synopsis. Note taken on the rigging blocks :)

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Ahoy Bill :D


You can download the instructions for the kit here 




I have found these instruction very useful for my build  


Caldercraft estimates the build time for this kit to be 2400 to 3000 hours.


For someone like me who works between 4 and 8 hours a week it would take me roughly 9 years. This does not take into account JPett speed, or reverse. better make that 18 to be safe, 

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