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plank and wood strip from Cornwall Model Boats - moved by moderator

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i ordered some extra strips and plank from Cornwall Model Boats

, about the wood strips i see after ordering in another forum of ship model building 

that cornwall cutting the plank (of 1000 mm ) on two , the post is from 2011 (i don't know if i can post the link of the another  website over here because that i didn't post  :) )  

is it true?

someone here ordered planks from them? and just Curious how they shipping planks is it in a plastic tube or what for not getting break ?



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They send my planks in 1 mtr lengths in a strong tube as Mike discribed.

If you live in the UK it's always full length.

If its a export they will cut it into half mtr lengths to cut postage costs ...Unless you pay the extra for large item shipping.


That's the way I understand it.


Regards Antony.

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At the top of the Timber section on the CMD site it tells you that the timber will be cut in half  [0.5 m ] unless you pay extra for delivery  If your order was over £150  delivery may be free  Normally unless you state otherwise it will be sent full length by UPS at £ 12 50 cost . you should have recieved an e-mail by now stating the progress on delivery 

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