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? on Bluenose 2130 Keel extention - moved by moderator

Neal McCoy

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I am working on the model  Bluenose kit #2130. I have been advised to add on to the keel  in order to give more room for the rabbet. I have made a peace 1/4 to do this and can  take it down more if needed . My ? is the stern post do I extend it to reach the bottom of the keel or let the keel extend lower than the stern post and rudder?  


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I'm not sure where that advice came from.  I can only tell you that I didn't add anything to the keel former when I was at that stage of the build, and I had no trouble with  cutting the rabbet or getting the planks to lay into it.  Since nothing was addded, there was no need to extend the stern post.


I strongly suggest you start a build log and post some pictures so we can see what you are up to - it will also help as questions and problems come up in the build (and they will :))  2130 has been a fun and challenging kit, well worth the effort.



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