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Still have in mind a "small build" to fit in with my Pegasus.  Havent picked the subject and indeed still contemplating a possible scratch build.

But it will something about the size of the Caldercraft Pickle and probably PoB. She wont be coppered.


I am however determined to utilise better looking woods. 

Live in the UK so there isnt a very wide range of availability as far as I can see - and I dont want to get into cutting my own planks from larger stock.


So advice please for your preferred woods for hull, deck and fittings and any particular difficulties in working with.


Any really nice looking combinations that you would suggest?

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You can't go wrong with the traditional apple wood. The sap-wood is lighter and makes beautiful planking, whereas the heart-wood is darker. There was an old-timey (1930's ?) POF modeler named Augustus Crabtree that used apple wood almost exclusively, and his models are in a special collection in the Mariners Museum in Virginia. Google his name. Apple ought to be quite common in the UK. I much prefer it to pear - It makes a nice smell when you saw it too.

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Hey Spyglass,


I've given this a lot of thought, as I'm doing the same with my Pegasus and Lyme builds.  I think the answer depends ultimately on how much natural wood you want showing on the ship, versus how much you intend to paint.  I don't think you can go wrong with pear and boxwood together - the two work very nicely with each other.  I checked Cornwall Model Boats, and they don't have those two woods :(  Maybe think about cherry and maple?  I haven't worked with cherry yet, but have seen it used to good effect in a number of builds here.  I've been working with maple for the deck planking on my Pegasus, and it's been great to work with.  

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Thanks chaps ( its all your fault Mike with your stuff on Pegasus!)


It will be minimally painted  I was thinking maybe only  wale and cappings if that.  

Possibly some wood colour change upper to lower hull  to hint at copper/bottom paint


Thinking some sort of varnish or oil finish.

Seem to be a supply problem in UK   any suggestions anyone  we are talking  I presume at least  maple cherry boxwood pear

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