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ROYAL CAROLINE by Doris - CARD - 1749 -1:40

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Hello dear friends :piratebo5: ,

in summer 2012 I have started a scratch build of HMY Royal Caroline 1749 in a scale 1/40. The model is made of card (mainly) and other materials (modeling clay, wood, self-adhesive foils etc.). I will proceed according to plans from the book Anatomy of the ship, which are quite detailed and nicely designed. Other documents and information come from foreign literature, which describes construction, fitting and rigging of ships from this period.

Because I want to build a realistic model of the RC as possible, I will be grateful for any comments and suggestions, which could help me to achieve that result.


I chose Royal Caroline mainly for her sleek lines and beautiful sculptural decoration, and also because finally I will not have to make so many cannons as on the previous models.... :)





One of the most realistic painting of HMY Royal Caroline and peregrine (second picture) by John Cleveley The Elder

Full report of my work is here:



For sailing ships lovers - here is a video with my best sailing ships; HMS Bellona and HMS Victory (modified) come from polish manufacturer Shipyard, Sovereign of the seas is my own scratch build. All these models are made of card.

Enjoy it:


Kind regards,





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Hello Doris.

Enter Google Search    Ivan  Trtanj

Results of the best  model ship builder in Germany with many models,

including the Royal Caroline.

I know Ivan Trtanj personally, very nice Person and open to question on shipbuilding.

Regards Karl



Sorry, Google-Translation

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Hello dear friends!

Thank you very much for your comments and kind words, I appreciate it a lot and I am really very honoured to be here together with you.

Also thank you, Karl, for a great inspiration of awesome models and carvings by Ivan Trtanj. His work is absolutely outstanding and amazing. I have known this artist some time and admire him a lot.


Kind regards



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And now, how I continued with Royal Caroline.....


Third layer of card stripes - this was a last solid layer before finishing:


After another grinding the hull was airbrushed by acrylic body spray/surfacer (intended for cars):

20120831213616-173006-v.jpg 20120831213701-173009-v.jpg


For the finishing I used self-adhesive foils....


20120901185720-173153-v.jpg 20120901185705-173152-v.jpg



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The planking (made of foil stripes) was finally improved by painting (I use Tamiya acrylic paint):


I decided to create treenails (used on English ships). On my model they are painted by 0,3mm wide tip of a micro-pencil. All are painted by Tamiya colours. The pencil tip was every time dipped into thin paint and after that was made one treenail on the hull planking.


20120907204024-173868-v.jpg 20120907203910-173864-v.jpg





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The work continues on planking the inside of the hull and interior of cabins, also there were added some parts on the bow and stern:





20120915085201-174576-v.jpg 20120915085217-174577-v.jpg











Lower part of the stern was probably decorated with paintings. On my model the paintings are hand-made using Tamiya colours as usually.....

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