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Thank you dear Crackers :piratebo5: , I am also pleased and feel great to be with you - we all are the family of ship lovers!! I like this forum and people here a lot.


And here are other pics of my work....

I improve almost all the CNC blocks to place the rope around them in a better way:











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Welcome home  :D  :D  :D

After a long break you are now in the highest gear ?

Finishing one and goes further with the other one.....

Thanks for the pictures with the Dolphins....just love those animals !

Your rigging and blocks looks just awesome !!!!!

Now we can enjoy your build further....



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Hello dear friends,
I am very honored and pleased, thank you warmly for all your posts and praise. That is a great motivation and a feedback to me, I will try to keep the level of my work to be worthy of your words. Let me express my gratitude to you all, dear friends, I appreciate your support a lot.

I also find here at MSW plenty of inspirational and outstanding work and enjoy watching, how you make your models. This also helps me to improve own work. I am still learning and try to make things better. Thank you very much for sharing.


outstanding...I too am glad to see you have returned, I have missed your updates on your Royal Caroline, may I ask how you got the flag to drape so naturally, is it paper as well?


 The flag is made of a very thin cloth - batiste. Before shaping I gently overspray both sides with flat clear varnish ( use Tamiya spray TS-80) and during drying I shape the flag by my hands and fingers. It is useful to use warm air, the shaping goes faster.

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Doris!! You are back! You really should travel to Hawaii and see the Missouri in person. It is amazing to stand on her decks under those huge guns. But what is even better to me is your RC. Your seizings are perfect!

Oh yes, I can imagine it, Missouri is a majestic battleship. I wanted to try assemble some plastic ships from Tamiya, it was a good relaxation and something new and interesting for me. But I have to say, that sailing ships are at the first place for me.


And swimming with dolphins...? That was a wonderful experience, I love these beautiful and clever animals. But I would have one wish - swimming with the dolphins in the wild nature. I prefer freedom for animals.


Today I have finished other small handmade parts - cleats, pins and some details for rigging. Soon I am going to start with shrouds.










Have a great time and enjoy the pics.

Kind regards,


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Thank you for your comments, dear friends!


Hello Doris, great job, as always !!! I downloaded every single picture of your model, it is a veritable encyclopedia of ship modeling !!!

That is a great honor for me, your words are much appreciated.


Can I ask what wood you used for the belaying pins? And are they scratch. In other words did you make them or buy them?

I made them from walnut wood. Here is a video, the pins are completely handmade:

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Hello dear friends,

I feel so honored and pleased reading your posts. Thank you very much for you kind words and support, that is a great motivation for me and also a commitment to continue with my work as best as I can.


Thanks for the tutorial Doris and here I thought these pins were made in one piece.  Hmmm, something to think about for when I have to make belaying pins for my VOC ship.  I'll have to try both ways and see which one works bet for me.



 Well, for me it is easier to make pins from two parts, cause I have no lathe or other suitable tools , that can facilitate the work. First I was a bit afraid of their strength, but it is O.K. After gluing into the plank the pins are very strong.



It's always such a pleasure to see your updates Doris, and I love your little 'how to' videos.



I am glad, you like it. In future I am going to make other videos "how to do" . I believe, this is a better than description using words.




Well dear friends, during this weekend I have decided to remake a grating on the bow, cause the first version did not match reality at all. I found a lot of perfect inspiration here at MSW, so I try to improved my model. Here are the pics from process:


This is a previous version (I have to say that I did not like it)... :(



And this is a sketch of how I wanted to do:



So I have started with disassembling, I use debonder and must be very careful and patient....






And here you can see left side almost finished:






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I decided to add on the bow also the seats of ease, I found inspiration also here:












As my opinion the bow grating looks better now. I know that the bars should be embedded into slots, but at this stage of progress with many delicate details around it was very difficult to remake the grating and make it accurate.


Best regards,


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