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Byrnes Thickness Sander for removing Cup?

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Good points made. I would like to clarify, it also depends on how thick a piece you are talking about. If a piece is thin enough that you can flatten it applying finger pressure to it's center, cup side down, then the same is going to happen in the thickness sander and the surfaces will be sanded evenly. If the piece is thicker stock such as a 1/4" to 3/8" hard wood then the high center or cupped edges will be removed first. 

In short, a thickness sander is not a plainer.

Bottom line, pick you lumber carefully. Stack lumber squarely and keep standing stock at 60 degrees. Lash bundles together if not being used and and cover thin sheet stock with a heavier sheet of 3/4" MDF. And if possible, keep lumber you plan on using in a humidity stable environment.


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