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Bomb Vessel Granado Cross Section 1742, 1/48 scale by mobbsie - Finished

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First off let me say Hello to all the Lords of the Dark Side, your tolerance will be gratefully accepted.


I would like to give plaudits to Jeff Hayes of Hobbymills for superb quality materials, the timber really is first class, also to Jeff Staudt for a fine set of drawings.


A special thanks to Grant for all his hard work in working out the quantity of timber required and the different types, I just had to make some minor adjustments to the order. Below is a taster of the timber to be used.


post-493-0-56989100-1414855143_thumb.jpg  post-493-0-73506900-1414855166_thumb.jpg


As you are probably aware this is a group project build with Grant, Jack and myself, ( at the moment ), this the first scratch build for all of us apart from prefabricating kits parts that were not happy with and I think we've all done that.   


It would be great if others wanted to join in. We will be working in unison and posting in our own logs and this is the start of my log.


I started by practicing with my tools and would you believe it this framing jig appeared, as this was a practice piece and it didn't count towards the build but on investigation I found I hadn't got any more material I could use and so had to keep it. :rolleyes:  ;)  ;)


post-493-0-64695600-1414853633_thumb.jpg  post-493-0-82487100-1414853663_thumb.jpg


Following on from the jig, I started practicing on the frames themselves and I found out a few things I need to work on, 1st, Don't cut so close to the lines, give your self a bit of room. 2nd, Easy on the sanders, don't put so much pressure when sanding down and 3rd, It doesn't take much to remove the skin from the knuckles with a disc sander, this had been switched of and was slowing down, I helped it stop and found out how good my bandaids are.


I made a double frame but will not be using it, I can and will do better.


post-493-0-81364300-1414854251_thumb.jpg  post-493-0-91762100-1414854314_thumb.jpg


post-493-0-20356800-1414854368_thumb.jpg  post-493-0-62801700-1414854406_thumb.jpg


Following on from that I attempted the Keel, this is made up from 4 pieces, Ebony for the Keel, followed by Swiss Pear for the False Keel Upper and Lower and the Hog. This Keel looks difficult but in reality is quite simple, you just need to be accurate, a rabbet is cut into it when all the pieces are assembled. I was going to use my router for this but there is a deviation 2/3rds along it's length so this had to be cut by hand, I used my trusty Stanley knife carefully, (we have a history) and finished with a triangle file. Below is the completed practice keel


post-493-0-12657200-1414855333_thumb.jpg  post-493-0-00898400-1414855363_thumb.jpg


So, that's the start of my new log, if anyone has any questions please don't be afraid to ask Grant !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D  :D


Be Good







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Jumping right into the front row on this one, since I'm building the Caldercraft kit of the Granado at the moment. 


Great start. Did you loft the frames yourself and what source did you use for the plans!


Really looking forward tot he build Mobbsie!

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Hi Joe,


I must apologise for any confusion, I am building the cross section, the heading needs to be changed to reflect that.


The plans came from model ship builders, here is a link http://modelshipbuilder.com/page.php?135


They really are a good set of drawings.


With regard to the frames, they are cut out from the timber billets, I will post a couple of pics to show you.


post-493-0-68202300-1414857981_thumb.jpg  post-493-0-02875100-1414858047_thumb.jpg




Best way to go is to copy the original page onto sticky A4 labels, these are then cut and placed onto the wood, a tip gleamed from Grant is to put painters tape on the wood first.


Cut out the frame sections and sand down to just above the lines, position the sections onto the main label, clean up the joints until a snug fit is obtained, when you are happy with the fit glue together using PVA white glue, when dry clean off excess glue and sand down to the lines.


Hope that makes sense Joe.


Be Good





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Thanks for the comments guys, and thanks for hitting the like button.


Pull up a pew Mark, your always welcome.


It's going to be an interesting build Frank, more importantly an enjoyable one.


Never mind Dave, you may be able to play catch up, this is going to be a slow build.


Now Grant, I've served in the Army and seen active service, but let me tell you, I would do that all over again rather than cheat and face the wrath of an Ausie Naval Officer, I aint that brave.


Anja, thank you so much for helping out an old man who cant help making mistakes.


Hopefully more updates soon.


Be Good



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Hi Guys,


Mike, glad to have you on board mate, I just hope I am able to full-fill your expectations.


Ken,  your right mate, a few Echo gents are here, hope we are able to assist with useful info mate.


Alan,  now that Sjors has taken a seat mate we do have Popcorn on offer, cos if pies are around I'll likely eat them.


Sjors,  better late than never my friend, I just hope you brought your Popcorn with you.


Captainsteve, welcome aboard me arty.


Hope you enjoy the ride guys, I'm really looking forward to this trip.


Be Good



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Hi Jason,


Thanks for looking in mate.


There is no plan for cutting the templates. The plan is copied onto A4 sticky labels and a sharp blade used to cut around each part ( I use a Stanley Knife ). Painters tape is placed on the timber sheet and the template stuck onto that.  The painters tape peels off so much easier and doesn't leave any residue glue.


The frames were cut out using my Proxxon Scroll saw and sanded down with my Belt and Disc sanders.


Hope that helps mate.


Be Good



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Hi Guys,


Welcome aboard Wes, glad you could make it mate.


Just a short update, nothing much to show at the moment.


I have completed the proper keel and it fits nicely into the framing jig, the practice piece and the proper one to show that there has been no


Following a discussion with Grant this morning it was decided that we would start on the frames, I decided that I was going to make-up the 0 frame, this is the 5th frame in and is the first double to have the cut outs for the sweep ports and filling lintels. I haven't  made one of these yet.


First up was to copy the template onto a A4 sticky label, cut out the templates and stick onto a prepared sheet 1/4 in Pear. Using my trusty Proxxon Scroll Saw ( which only cuts crooked lines ) I then cut out the parts of the frame, the wedges which are really small have a bit extra left for easy handling.


Next up was to sand down the frame parts, so using my trusty Proxxon Disc Sander ( you know the one, it's got my DNA on it ) I sanded down the outside curve, why just the outside I hear you ask, well I need to get a larger diameter drum sander. Its too easy to wear down a small area with the sander I have and that doesn't make for a pretty frame, so it's a trip down to the DIY shop to try a get hold of one.


I do have a few pics but please don't get excited, this is really work in progress.


The old and the new

post-493-0-19659200-1415551146_thumb.jpg  post-493-0-44740100-1415551167_thumb.jpg


post-493-0-53485400-1415550162_thumb.jpg  post-493-0-03566600-1415550190_thumb.jpg




Not much as I say but there will be more to follow, just not tonight. Please ignore the attached thumbnail gents.


Be Good










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