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Mayflower colors ?


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There is probably no correct answer since no one knows for sure what the vessel looked like. Everything you see is a reconstruction in some fashion, of what she might have looked like. I would go with Chuck Passaro's color scheme for the Model Shipways Mayflower. It is very attractive.



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She was at the very least 12 years old at the time of her historic voyage and. I'll bet a buck she had very little paint on her when she arrived in New England. There are some records that would lead you to believe that she had been knocked about quite a bit on rough passages to Norway and other north sea ports.


Ships like most things in this life were much shinier when new than later in their lives. Repairs were constant and often made on the road with whatever materials came to hand.


So you have to decide at what point in her career do you wish to portray the humble little vessel.

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