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Flex Cut carving knife

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Hi everyone,

I just rec'd my latest toy from Amazon  It is called a Whittlin Jack.  the mfgr is Flexcut.  And so far I am happy with the project.

The knife has two blades, a roughing blade and a detailing blade.


The knife is not a lock blade but has some very strong springs holding the blades in position.

post-227-0-56154900-1415225519_thumb.jpg  post-227-0-14505300-1415225519_thumb.jpg


The handle is just right for holding with out fear of losing control and getting fatigue.




It comes sharp out of the package but I was not happy with the angle of the bevel and rehoned it to the way I want it.  Sharp as a razor so you can shave the hair off your arm.  The steel is strong enough that after some thirty minutes of hard use it could still shave my arm.  Now I am waiting for the anticut gloves.  I will give a report on them after they arrive.  I am a firm believer in anticut protection.  The use of gloves is considered mandatory at work where sharp blades are everywhere.  I did not wear mine when I was cutting some material and the blade almost removed my thumb.  Considering the sharpness of the blade and the amount of force I was using on the material (3/4" shockpad I was lucky.  Even my supervisor said a glove would not have get me from getting pierced but it would have kept me from having to go to the clinic for stitches.  Live and learn.  The Whittlin Jack is nice and  think useful for work down the road.

David B

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I use alot of flex cut carving tools and they hold an edge really well.They have what's called a carving jack that has a couple different tools to go with the blades. I've been eyeing it up for a while now,but so far the admaral won't give me an advance on my allowance.

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