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Belaying pins vs. shroud cleats - moved by moderator


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I've notice it seems on some small ships, such as 6th rate ships, they forgo the belaying pins and jeer bits pin racks for varies ropes and instead opt for a similar set up with cleats seized to the shrouds.  Would I be correct in saying that the seized cleats on shrouds function just as the belaying pins?  If so, what ropes would be exclusively secured to the jeer bits?  The halyards?  The clews?  The lifts? 


If this is the case, when the ropes are secured to the cleats seized to the shrouds, are they secured by simply coiling the ropes and using the end of the rope to secure the coil to the shroud?





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Yes it does.  Perfect.  Thank you!  I'm guessing the less weighed down ropes such as the sheets and clews went to the shroud cleats, but what ropes went to the jeer bits?  I'm assuming the halyards went to the jeer bits.

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I'm not that knowledgeable about shroud cleats. What lines actually went to them? Was this common? I've never seen a kit or instructions have them. Would like to learn more about this if anyone has any info. info on this.

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Halyards and sheets from topsails would go to the jeer bitts, clews, buntlines and leech lines would go to the shroud cleats or pins next to shrouds if fitted. Shroud cleats were used on ships to clear the deck area for the use of guns and if there wasn't much deck space etc on a merchant ship. A pin rail built up on the bulwark where the shrouds are take up a lot of space.

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