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First I have no interest in this company other than being a satisfied purchaser.  I have found National Balsa to be an excellent reliable and economic source of   strip wood sheet wood and high quality multi ply,  ply wood.  I believe the woods available are Walnut, cherry, bass, spruce, maple  in addition of course to balsa.  Postage is free on orders over 150.00.  If you think  this  company deserves a further look see  just Google National Balsa company.  Don't expect a great number of sizes and thicknesses but for the in between sizes a Jim Byrnes  thickness sander would be perfect .  Thank you

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First let it be understood I have no connection with this firm except being a repeat and satisfied user.  Don't be misled by  the name National Balsa Wood Company they  sell strip and sheet hardwood and some excellent ply woods and I am sure you would find  uses for their 1/32 plywood.  The firm can be located by plugging in its  name  in Google.  No  in my opinion they are not a substitute for the Hobby Mill  but I am a believer in knowledge there is strength. and another source is strength.

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National Balsa is great.


I've order from them on at least two or three occasions. I've bought mostly sheet basswood from them in 1/4", 3/8" boards and other wood as well. As doghomer points out, they deal with a lot more than just basswood. Very professional service, good turnaround and I've always been satisfied with my orders.


And, given that the topic is Timber source and not National Balsa, I'll also point out another fine source of basic lumber in basswood, cherry and mahogny is Norteastern Scale Lumber. I've found them to be a great source for strip woods and sheet wood. I've bought a lot of cherry strips from them mostly as well as birch plywood. They're service has been great and they're communication very good as well. 




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