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Santa Ana by le débutant - Artesania Latina - scale 1/84

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Welcome every body.

Finally i am there.

Tree build up to now,to build some experience and skill,for this project.

I am glad to start the Santa Ana.

I open the box this morning,to check all parts,fitting,wood,and instruction.

I have to admit the instruction manuel is fantastic minimum tree picture per page,and plan

are well done.

The cut for parts is also good,i just hope the enthusiasm of first view will continue.


So now first step after counting parts,is to number them and separate them from the form.

I will come back with some picture later.



If i am doing something wrong feel free to help me.

Thanks to all.

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First picture.


I build the keel the 3 parts together on a piece of wood to make sure the keel is straight.

Good result.

Then i build frame #7 making sure as the instruction manual for the 90D of all parts.

Next step, 7 and 13 frame gets in but a little sending was necessary to fit,(but not glue up to now)


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Also, make sure and do a thorough inventory of the kit contents as I found a few pieces missing from my AL Victory kit like the whole photo etched brass sheet containing hammock stays.

It's done,at this time i d'ont have any problem on parts or the build.

The only dark cloud is ,one sheet of error to correct.

 The picture on that sheet is non visible.

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Today i build or put in place the frame,not glue and tried to fit the floor,front part no problem,

rear part yes first problem.

I come to the conclusion that those parts are not the one for the boat.#38and #39 from 7A board.(as per instruction manual)

First the parts are to long and the opening for the frame are .257in. when all the oder floor the opening 

are .328 average.

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All frame are glue,making sure 90 degree on both plan are respected.

Eight stern collars are installed,the picture given is not accurate.

The bow is installed,the two parts #38and #39 are  not cut for this boat,to long and the slot are to small,

but everything is modified for the fit.







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Sorry for the late info.


Yes i have moved forward with the build,first the frame #7 did not sit level compare to the mane frame,and 

also when i glue the frame 32 did not sit to is place as i glue it.

So i had to correct the too mistake.

Then page 8 of the build,the planking of the first floor request to start at frame 17 and finish at frame 21,but on picture 

show between 20 to 24,to correct this error i did plank a bit longer than the request and install temporary the next floor

to find the exact position.


I also start to plate the lower part of the stern forecastle,and plate the hull,

and cut out the gun port doors.

The problem with the gun port is to respect the distance given between each one (30mm)


I will put some picture later.

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It's looking beautiful. Those gun ports look perfect. I wish I could cut gun ports that nicely.




I did mesure every gun port to the proper distance,compare to each other,using a pencil and once 

i have all design i start to make the hole.

This way is easier to correct before making hole.

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