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16 hours ago, harlequin said:

I am using corels supplied rope and caldercrafts black rope....I will as usual get the colours wrong, I will end up mixing the fixed with the running as usual......the blackrope is not too bad just got to work it slightly to get rid of all the fuzz, and it doesn't take to pva as well as the corel but I think all will be well 

Folks have recommended bees wax  to de fray ropes.



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all the shrouds and futtock shrouds now completed …..started on the rats...….things that make me go AAAAAAAAAGGGGHHHHHH...…..running out of single malt whisky, running out of Cuban cigars and running out of ratline before the end of the shroud and having to undo the other clove hitches and start again 

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33 minutes ago, foxbat said:

hi there...am currently building same ship...Corel Bellona....love your black stays but my kit only has tanned rigging...nothing black. Perhaps I can dye black the thicker rope for the stays....your thoughts?

that is just what I did....dyed intense black.... along with some spare Caldercraft black rigging.....The dye doesn't get right to the centre of the rigging so I touch up any visible tan area.

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