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Maine Peapod by JesseLee - FINISHED - Midwest Products - 1:14 - Early 1900's

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Piet, I am hoping & praying I will be able to make it. My chronic lyme disease makes it difficult. I never know if I will feel well enough & traveling itself makes me very sick. I am hoping for the best because I REALLY want to attend this even if I can only be there for part of one day. 

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Making progress on getting the hull planked. The wood strips supplied are basswood & have been bending pretty well. I have had 2 break. As I get to the point where the curving of the planks increase I have been soaking the planks. It doesn't tale much- holding it under hot water running from the sink is all it takes & they bend easily into shape.


The instructions recommend using CA glue foe everything in this build but I'm too old school & chose to use wood glue instead. I have only used CA to glue where the planks meets the stems to hold the ends down while the wood glue is drying between the plank edges. It looks a little rough right now but it will look fine once it is scraped & sanded.









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Finished the hull of the boat. When I took it off the jig that formed the shape the sides wanted to pull in making it narrower than it is supposed to be. The wood was pretty stubborn being very stiff & not wanting to be pulled out to its proper shape. Thought about it a while & decided to fit it back over the jig & try to re-wet the planks to see if they would reshape themselves. It was a tight fit & had to stretch the sides open a bit to get it back on. Then I decided on something maybe a little radicle......I filled a coffee cup with water & boiled it in the microwave a few minutes. Then I pored the boiling water onto the hull hoping it would reshape itself & praying that it would not come unglued & fall apart. It worked! I let it sit overnight. The glue held & it now holds it shape much closer to how it should.





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Good work so far.


Regarding your hull not holding its shape when taking it off the jig, I have always added a temporary beam across the hull on the inside of the planking to keep the hull stretched to its proper breadth until I can get some framing in the hull. Once you get the side frames in there, it will stiffen up nicely and the temporary stretcher can be removed.



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Thanks Russ.


Getting those ribs lined up & glued in correctly isn't easy. Got them all done- they are not exactly even but they are off so slightly that it doesn't show & the rest of the construction will make it totally unnoticeable. Added breast hooks to each end. Cut out, shaped & glued on the floor planks. Now I've got the risers clamped waiting for the glue to dry.







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The spacing of the frames looks good. They do not need to be or have to be exactly spaced. Close makes them appear uniform.


This hull should be stiffening up quite well by now.


The rest of the details add a lot without a great deal of effort. Nice work.



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Constructed bottom frame of the lobster trap, bent a plank around a paint bottle to make the hoops for the top of the lobster trap. Started assembly & painting of the buoy. Added a rub rail to one side. One end didn't meet the false keel like it was supposed to so I burnished the end down by rubbing it across the end of my workbench till it touched like it should. Glued hoops on lobster trap. Used an old hose sock to make the netting inside the trap. Cut out first one cut hole, sealed edges with fray check. Stretched out & glued net on.










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