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Lifeboats for Warriors Project - Finished

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So much has developed with this little lifeboat in such a short time frame, I thought I would take a few moments and bring all of you special modeling friends at MSW up to date.


What was intended to be a small local project, very quickly within less than a month, spread to major cities across North and South Carolina through their city Parks and Recreation Departments…. (Fayetteville, Raleigh, Charlotte, Charleston & North Charleston to name a few) All of these programs are being scheduled to launch in the mid-March time frame under the official name of Lifeboats for Warriors Project.


My favorite motto of all time has been…. “If you think you can…. Or if you think you can’t…. YOU ARE RIGHT!”


Please visit our home website designed to explain the Parks and Recreation program…. http://www.l4wproject.com/


The following build log was developed for the instruction manual for the lifeboat kit.


Anyone interested in building one of these and donating it to the project, please send me a PM and I'll be glad to send you a PDF with plan sheets and instructions.



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Beginning with the hull....

I used a 1/4" thick piece of white vinyl to create the one-piece hull.

The end has been notched to center the bow stem.




The pattern is marked by placing the pre-cut deck board on the hull piece and tracing the outer edge.  The outer line indicates the outer shape of the hull.




And here you see the hull shape has now been cut out....






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Here, you can see the pre-cut false deck board has been fitted to the hull.




Then, the illusion of deck planks is created by simply drawing the parallel lines.  Builders may also choose the option of gluing small strips over the lines in order to create an even more realistic illusion.





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