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Miniture machine screw sizes

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I just checked out the cost of these screws on the link provided. WOW!!!!! They are expensive. If you search for 'eyeglasses screws' on EBay you will find a box of various sized miniature screws costs around $5.00. They are stainless steel. I bought a box. There are enough screws (and some nuts) to last the average builder a lifetime!!

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I have been working with some 0.5mm machine screws and nuts for shackles on a 1/12 scale sailboat model.  I absolutely need magnification to even see them and threading a .5mm nut onto the machine screw is a real challenge.  I wonder what the floor in the shop looks like where these things are made.  I bought double the number I need in anticipation of several disappearing when dropped - even with my jewelers style pull out bench extension I know I will wind up dropping some.

The source I use is Scale Hardware  http://www.scalehardware.com/miniature-hex-bolts-c-1 If you are looking for slightly larger stuff such as 00-90 sizes then PSME - Precision Scale Model Engineering  http://www.psmescale.com/  has nice stuff for a lot less.  The catalog is expensive but the owner will take phone calls and tell you prices, etc.  Just got some 00.90 screws and nuts from him - very good service from both of these places.

Merry Christmas,


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Brass screws of 0.5mm are used in Model railroads, so it should be no problem to procure them.


Used to use them me self when I built 00 working railroad engines.


Thanks to this site it has made me rethink on the use of such small screws for ship modelling.


Frank :piratebo5:

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A friend lucked into a gross of stainless Swiss-made watch screws that were just right for finishing his 1:8 scale Chris Craft. All the rub rails, cutwater, and hatch strips are "secured" with these little guys. The rub rail in this image is about 1/8 inch high...





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