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Bluejacket's Constitution quality?


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Hi Folks, I'm new to this forum, and I have joined specifically to ask you experts a few questions.

I'm an experienced model ship builder both with good kits, like Caldercraft's Agamemnon, and with scratch building from copies of the original plans. The reason I mention that is to show that I'm looking for the utmost top quality!

My questions are:

What is the quality of the components of Bluejackets Conny?

What is the timber like, types and preparation?

What are the fittings made of and how authentic?

Where can I find good fotos of top quality finished models?

Your help will be greatly appreciated.


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Greetings, Grandad, and :sign:


I have no direct experience with the Bluejacket Conny, but have heard good things about it.  The model has a solid reputation for accuracy, Note that it has a solid hull below the gundeck and is more POF above the gundeck level.  I have only found a couple of build logs here for it, though.


Good Luck!

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It is the official model of the USS Constitution in Boston. Don't know it that means anything.   the MS Conny is very good but also challenging. Depending on your experience level you may want to consider Robert Hunts practicum (LSS) which is quite good in my opinion


Jaxboat B)

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I have it. It is the best quality ship kit that I have ever inspected (though I have not yet built it). The Brittania fittings are very clean, numerous and precise, and although the kit is a solid hull, the gun-deck is left open so you can fully detail it. The kit shows the 1812 configuration, and the plans and instruction booklet are the best of any in a historical sense, but at only 1/8th inch scale, you had better have a decent pair of glasses! It is also a tad expensive.

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I'm working the kit now and am about 98% done. The kit quality is very good. The metal parts are excellent. The gig boats require repair. They are very good but the rosin hulls are full if air bubble holes and require filling in with putty. They turn out very good. The pictures in the instruction book are almost to dark to be much help. The assembly instruction book is very detailed. I recommend you read all the instruction book prior to building. I did not do that and found out latter that it was a mistake. I skimmed over the instruction book and dove right in. MISTAKE.  I prefer " plank on bulkhead " to the solid hull. To get the solid hull perfectly true is beyond my skill or patience. I am almost done and it has been a one year build. I am retired and work on the model almost every day. Hours worked vary. My guess is it is a 1000 hour build. I think it has turned out to be a very excellent build. I ordered the planks for the upper hull and the copper plates for the lower hull. I very glad I did. I ordered the paint kit but found out that I only use about one third of the paints. The quarter galleys are a bit of a mystery. The bow is a beast. Have fun, It tried my skills and patience. I used the internet a lot in finding answers to my questions. Pictures were my primary  references.


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