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Newbie question on tools

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Hello everyone, Juan here. I am new to wooden ship modeling but not to modeling. I have been building plastic for more years than I care to admit and building and flying R/C planes for the past few years. My question to you fine people is What would you consider as essential tools specific to wood ship building. I want to get started on my HMS Beagle, but not before I have everything in place. I plan on doing an out-of-the-box build just to become familiar building techniques and rigging. Not going for historical accuracy this time. So with that said, what's in your workshop.... tool wise.  Thank you in advance for your help and advise.

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Hello Juan, welcome to MSW. Take a look at the following link for some good info on tools.





In progress:
Medway Longboat 1742 - Syren Ship Model Company -1/2" scale

USS Constitution - Model Shipways - Scale 1:76

HMS Granado - CAF Model - 1:48

HMS Sphinx - Vanguard

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I did not see till now this part, but it is very well build, and very interesting, even for old builders

Thanks for share


Current build : Sovereign of the Seas - Mantua 1:78 scale




Finished:        San John the Baptist - Cross section

                    Santisima Trinidad - Cross section                  Galery Santisima 

                    San John the Baptist ( San Juan Bautista)    Galery  San John

                    HMS Victory 1805 - Cross section - Corel 1:98 scale 

                    Panart (Mantua) 740 Battle Station          Battle Station Panart 740 Galerry


On Hold:        HMS Bounty 1:64   Mamoli MV39


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