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From an anatomical point of view the best available figures on the market are those by Preiser in Germany, though their nominal scale is 1/87 to suit the HO railway gauge. They have a few modern sailors, but nothing for the Napoleonic period. Converting suitably posed figures from one of their unpainted sets is not too difficult by carving and sculpting. They also have an unpainted 'anatomy' set, that can be dressed using sculpting putty.


Within the next few days I will be showing some examples here of Dutch fishermen, that I have created out of figures from one of their sets.



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As far as I can remember, Preisser used to have 1:100 scale figures (unpainted),

they require a lot of surgery and painting turning them in to seamen, dut it can be done (there used to be some

of those surgery-logs in MSW-1, done by Dafi (working on his 1:100 Heller Victory)

Perhaps you can find them somewhere....

I did: http://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/topic/76-hms-victory-by-dafi-to-victory-and-beyond/page-6#entry4763



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The 1:100 scale range is rather limited and largely restricted to pedestrians of various nationalities, as they target architectural model builders. I don't think there are many useful poses. At the above link you can download the full catalogue and judge for yourself.


These surgeries or conversion are quite a bit of work. However, there may be certain repetions in pose required, e.g. for gun-crews, so that one may consider taking molds from conversions done and re-cast them in resin. Though this may result in the loss of very fine detail (e.g. individual fingers), the figures are probably still better than the metal casts offered by some suppliers.



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