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Strip cutter

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I thought others might like to see this.


On a build log someone showed a strip cutter made out of black plastic with a slot to hold an Exacto knife.  Someone else asked if they work.  This was my response.


Yes, it is used for cutting strips of wood from a sheet.  The idea is good but this tool is not that accurate so I made my own.  I made it longer to ride against the sheet better and I mounted the blade more securely so that it did not wobble in the holder.  I use mine all the time for soft wood like poplar.  I have cut strips as thin as .015 inch.








Someone then asked how it is used.


First loosen the screws with the knobs on top.  Adjust the plate on the bottom to the width of strip you want.  Place cutter on sheet with edge of strip pressed against plate.  Slide cutter along sheet.









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I have one; two actually. Quite by accident, I discovered I could cut 1/16" Ebony by scoring one side several times, then the other. After both sides are scored, just snap apart. I also use mine to score lines to mark for cuts.

The store bought one works okay, but yours looks as good as it probably cuts.

Thanks for sharing.

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