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types of ships that sailed to Tampa and the gulf before USA


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I hope the title was about right.

I am interested in other that the first set (Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria) what the early ship types and some of the historic ships were in and around Tampa Florida


I have just started to look into this and read a tiny bit about an expedition that went almost 100% wrong some guy took a number of ships to florida and then to texas  but it was like out of 600 men only 4 made it back to spain.


I am picturing that many of the first ships would have been minor changes from what a model of the Columbus 3 were but what else ?


what references and records should I be looking for ?


I am kind of thinking of making a few models for the local museums if I get a good story and the right ships.

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Hi figuerres,


Have a look here      www.enchantedlearning.com/explorers/namerica.shtml      Many names of early explorers,French,Spanish et al over a period of 200 years or so. May be of some use to you in your quest as some were in your locale.


Dave :dancetl6:

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Let's not forget the infamous scurvy-dog pirate Jose' Gaspar, whose bone-chilling exploits around Tampa Bay are celebrated by the yearly Gasparilla Celebration and booze-fest we see today! Arrrghhh, Matey! :)


Actually, Gaspar was pure fiction invented a century ago by a real estate developer who hoped to make backwater Tampa more exciting ... didn't work.

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The guy you have to talk to is fellow 'Tampon'  :) Roman Barzana. He used to head up a Tampa shipwright club in the 1990s, and he is the universal expert on all ships Spanish and Spanish Colonial. I haven't spoken to Roman in years, But I did see that he posted here occasionally in the CAD section last year.


Go USF, The University of Sun and Fun! The Harvard on the Hillsborough ...

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