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La Candelaria by gene80 - OcCre - My first foray in wooden ships

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I'm afraid that my original post (#1) left a lot to be desired. Bear with me please, I am totally new to this sort of thing. I have lots of modeling time but all in model airplanes starting in the WW11 era up to recently with RC. This kit was for sale by Cloudy who lives in Houston, TX and I live in Austin so we are relatively close. It seemed like serendipity. I know that I am being overly ambitious in my selection of projects but I simply could not turn down the deal.


So now to address the short-comings of the #1 post. I found an excellent U-tube video on unboxing the kit which keeps me from having to upload a ton of photos. A process I am still struggling with.


La Candelaria is OcCre's reproduction of a 1782 Spanish bomb vessel.

She is 695 mm long, 525 mm tall, with a beam of 260mm.

She is a double POB build.


I am really impressed with the kit. I hark back to my days with "die crushed" parts. I can not address the historical or scale accuracy issues due to a total lack of knowledge but the kit seems very well made, complete with lots of detail and small parts, an extensive parts list, nicely done instruction manual, and 3 double sided prints.


Needless to say, any and all comments, suggestions, critiques or...............  are most welcome. Thanks

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Thanks Marty, it is going to be slow. I am transferring modeling skills from aircraft to ships, a whole new game for me, learning how to post photos. Tried i-phone but didn't like it (shots in progress 1) so trying to learn & understand my Canon power shot A630 that I am not all that good at. Shots in progress 2. At 80 years old, learning is tough but retaining is even harder. Stay tuned, hull planking is right around the corner.


Schnu, I am mostly a 'follow the directions' sort of guy, especially since I am really new to ship modeling. The photo is the culprit. the keel is perfectly true. Thanks for the encouragement guys, I appreciate any and all comments.

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