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J CLASS by Leo-zd - 1/150 - SMALL - Finished

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This is old work but I decided to post , maybe it be interesting.
I was always attracted by the America's cup sailboats , especially J class are interesting.
From other side I appreciated the simplicity and clear lines of half-models and from other side I like small scales.
When I found one small but nice and regular piece of pine wood i decided to made one half model.
The scale came out from the thickness of wood and from the necessity that the final work had to bi in reasonable dimensions (otherwise would be difficult to had the approval of my "better half" for the place on any wall in home :D )
I decided for one generic drawing of J class, the sections taken from Nautical encyclopedia, probably closest to the "Ranger", but basically I was interested in lines of hull of this type.
The work was simply, horizontal sections were cut with scalpel from wood (tick 5 mm) glued together and sanded to the hull's sharp. 

For the waterline i used a piece of plasticard (styrene)

When the surface was sanded toned the whole semi hull with teak tone for wood, with 5 passes and sanding with very fine sandpaper and at the end two hands of gloss transparent.

For the picture i downloaded the nautical chart of Newport, reduced and trimmed to the appropriate dimension, glued to the media-pan base .
I planed to paint the border in the same tone of the hull ... but maybe in the future...











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