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Is a waterline marker useful?

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A waterline marker of some kind is pretty essential for marking waterlines.  I have the Amati version, and it does the job well enough.  But if you are the enterprising sort, you can make your own, which is what I did for my first couple of models.  I got the Amati version because my home-builts weren't very durable.  :rolleyes:

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I've got the same one shown in your photo. In my opinion the base - which is just plastic - is too light. It works OK but if I had my time over I think I would do more research before buying one.


The bottom of the plastic base just pops off. You can fill it with something heavy like plaster of paris and then glue the cover back on.

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In my opinion the type of marker is not as important as setting up your model such that the waterline is parallel with the table on which it sits. In other words the waterline at the bow and stern should be at an even height. Likewise the line should be the same on both sides. This requires propping up those points until they are at the level as defined in the plans.


Below are two pictures showing how I did this with my Connie. The table top was level, hence the sides could be leveled as shown. The fore and aft points were located and you can see the small wooden shim towards the bow.

I put small pieces of masking tape on the hull, made a wooden block to the correct height and used that to make my marks.

post-246-0-86057300-1421001391.jpg  post-246-0-39115700-1421001405.jpg

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