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La Pinta 1492 by felelo - Humai Kits - 1:50 Scale

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   Hello everyone! I'm Felipe, from Brazil, and this is my first log here, and also my first wooden model! It is "La Pinta", one of the three ships assigned to Columbus expedition, made by a small brazilian manufacturer that suits our needs for good quality kits, as its really hard to find kits from famous brands here.


   I've bought it an year ago when I signed up for this forum, but college wouldn't give the spare time needed for this kit, so I've just been able to star working on it this month.



   The hull structure:





   Starting to work on the decks:











   And to close the day, an encouraging dry-fit! 





   Well, its not much for know, but at least I've started working on this beauty!

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 I'm thinking about making an adaptation to the kit, basically, the gat between the poop deck and the main deck

is to narrow for a man to fit in properly having only one meter in this scale(as seen below in this picture from the instruction

manual), so it would make more sense that the poop deck elevation would serve as a way to give more room inside the

poop of the ship!




My solution for that would be this wall:




I'm not shure yet because this concept would be in conflict with the rudder controller position, 

I dont have much knowledge under ships of this period, so be free to advise me on that!  :D




The Planking:


I started working on the planking of the hull using nails, as the manuel suggests. But the planks kept spliting

so I went for superglue. I've been molding the planks under heat before application, otherwise its almost impossible

to get them right without cracking!




I've used cord were the clamps weren't effective, they work just nice!






Seeing how the different woods come together!






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