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Is it okay to use Balsa rather then basswood for filler blocks? I am starting with the Fair American and the Armed Virginia Sloop from Model Shipways. Does it really matter if I use one or the other? I have a very limited tool supply and no power tools yet. So I was hoping to use the balsa for that. Especially in the bow where I have to shape everything correctly. I wasn't sure if that was okay or not thanks. 

Current/But Not immediate Build Logs


I am still gathering the tools I need but starting preliminary work. Nothing to show just yet.


Fair American

Armed Virginia Sloop.

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I used both on the AVS, and I will not use balsa in the future, as I find it did very little to help me.  The basswood offers a very nice base for pinning to when planking, whereas the balsa was about the same as the areas without anything between the bulkheads.  It does give you a 'shape' of course, so if that's all you want then balsa is fine, but I found the basswood easier to work with all around.


I did not use any power tools to shape the basswood, just hand saw to rough shape, X-acto type blades and sandpaper.

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I have used balsa as filler blocks. I found it worked better for pinning planks into if several coats of thinned wood glue were soaked into it and allowed to dry first. This made it a firmer base.



Current Build: - Caldercraft - HMB Endeavour


Completed Ship Builds:

                                    Caldercraft  - HMAV Bounty (in Gallery)

                                     Caldercraft - HM Brig Supply (In Gallery)

                                     Aeropiccola - Golden Hind

                                                        - Constitution

                                     Clipper Seawitch (maker unknown - too long ago to remember!)

                                     Corel - Victory

                                     Modeller's Shipyard - A Schooner of Port Jackson - In Gallery

                                                                      - Brig `Perseverance' - In Gallery

                                                                      - Cutter `Mermaid'- In Gallery

                                                                      - Sirius Longboat (bashed) - In Gallery

                                                                      - Sloop Norfolk - In Gallery

                                      Completed Cannon:   - French 18th Century Naval Cannon

                                                                      - Napoleonic 12 pound field piece

                                                                      - English 18th Century Carronade

                                       Non Ship Builds - Sopwith Camel - Artesania Latina

                                                                   - Fokker DR1 - Artesania Latina


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