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USS Constitution by Jeff - Model Shipways - Scale 1:76

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Looking great.  Like how you made the rails.   I may copy that techneque when i get to that step.     Question for you.  What brand of paint and color did you use for gun carrages.   I have the me paint set and the carrage red.  But it looks to bright.   The color you used looks better


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2 minutes ago, JToma said:

Okay, just confirmed its the second one, the masters touch.

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I finally finished the forward section and also added the davits to the stern. I had to do some modifying of the rails to get the davits to fit snugly on top of the rails and therefore ruined my perfect paint job. The davits are kit supplied parts. The next thing I planned on doing are the stanchions and netting on top of the rails. I can see that there is netting there on the plans and box pictures but no netting in the kit? hmmmmm? So what do I do about that? I might have to do something else while I think about that.


The forward section. Knees and rails in place with the fairleads on top of the rails.




First side in.



Both sides in.



The final product.



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It has been a while since my last update but I haven't been idle. I finished up the netting. I ended up buying the tulle material from Hobby Lobby as recommended and used the LSS practicum method creating the netting. I couldn't think of a better way to do it. It definitely wasn't easy. The plans seem to indicate to run a piece of wire through the netting and the tiny holes in the photo etch pieces. Impossible, I tried.




Next, I moved on to the anchors and they are complete also. Pretty straight forward kit parts here. I used black construction paper for the bands. Its a borrowed idea and works great. I messed up a bit drilling the rigging holes through the catheads but it all worked out in the end. Lesson learned. Drill the holes "before" installing them on the model next time.







Next up are the channels. I've got the two aft channels in place. In the picture it may appear that the channel is up against the quarter gallery but its not, just perspective. I'm currently working on the remaining 4. That's it until next time.




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So a quick update on my progress. I have completed all the channels. I also closed of the rear 3 gun ports on both sides and installed the quarter davits. The quarter davits were pretty straight forward as they were all kit parts for the most part. I have a few more hull details to work on going forward. The steps leading up to the entry ways, the studding boom brackets (no clue yet on how to do these), the rudder and then the bow carvings. I've put the bow carvings off for a while now. I'm not sure yet about how I will do them as the kit provided part isn't ideal. This would have been a good place for a photo etch part. As with a lot of things I've had to do for this model, just about everything I'm doing on this model from this point forward is the first time I'm doing it like ever, so I must proceed with caution.


The channels.


The quarter davits. 


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I have finished the steps and the rudder. 


The plans for the steps showed a 3-layer type structure but there wasn't any stock in the kit thin enough to make them to scale. So, I ended building them with 2-layers instead.


After that I moved on to the rudder. Pretty straight forward work there. I also installed the rudder chains. I made the chain iron from wood and installed two eyebolts. It would have been nice if there had been some rudder hinges in the kit but I made do.


Next step is the trail board carvings at the bow. The kit parts leave a lot to be desired. I guess the intent is that you are to paint the kit parts but that doesn't look to be an easy task. At this point, I need to figure out what to do here. I think the best way to go is to create them from scratch. I'm thinking about trying to cut them out of the stock part but the wood is very fragile. We'll see.



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22 minutes ago, usedtosail said:

Jeff, give painting the trail boards a try. I was intimidated at first but is turned out to be pretty straight forward.

I'll try that first I think.

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I've decided not to use the kit part. I tried painting it and just didn't like the result. So, instead I'm cutting out the trail board design.


I have one of these and I'm using #3/0 jewelers blades.


I also have this image that I got somewhere (don't remember where). I printed the image onto avery full sized label paper.  I cut it down to size.



I debated on what material to use and settled on .040 thick Evergreen sheet. I tried initially to use a 1/16" basswood sheet but the wood was just to soft and kept breaking.


After muffing it up a couple times I ended up with this. A bit of a tedious task but not too bad and just needs to be cleaned up a bit.


And dry fitted to the model.




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