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USS Constitution by Gundorph - Billing Boats - 1/100

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:piratebo5:Got this little fine Billing Boat USS Constitution from the wife in christmas pressent. The Quality of material looks fine. I looked through building instruction before i began building. NO description at all on how to build it. But very nice step by step pictures also off the rigging and mast. Because off my bad english i`ll let the pictures talk :) and maybe ask some questions... :P Maybe you have a question for the kit then you just ask and i will answer the best i can  :cheers: 


More pictures to come when i begin building tonight.









Current Build:


U.S. Brig Syren 

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it's been a while since I've made an update. I have had to build me a new shipyard in the end of my garage. It was too expensive in the long run to warm up the whole garage. And as you know we spend many hours in the ship yard. The first picture is of the new shipyard  :)
Now the inner gunportwall and the stern gallery are fitted and glued in place. it all fits very nicely.





Current Build:


U.S. Brig Syren 

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Gundorph, you might want to move your forward jig support aft to be closer to the hull. Being that far forward on the stem, it might be more likely to snap off the stem if the hull shifts at all side to side.


Looks like a nice shipyard you set up!





Currently building: Model Expo AMERICA, A/L KING OF THE MISSISSIPPI


Completed: Mamoli Victory cross-section, Revell LSM (Plastic, in memory of Dad), A/L SANSON tug, MS Longboat (awesome model Chuck!), Dumas 1949 Chris-Craft 19' Racing runabout, A/L SWIFT, MS ELSIE, Constructo ELIDIR (now LOUISE), Midwest Muscongus Bay Lobster Smack, Amati 1:80 Yacht ENDEAVOUR, Mamoli CONSTITUTION cross section, Revell VIIc U-boat (1:72 plastic), lotsa other plastic ships 


Next up: who knows - there are too many to choose from!

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Wow! It loks very good! The picture/drawings Bilings gave you look very detailed compared to what Constructo gave me. Good luck...I'm looking froward to watching your build.

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Thanks for the build-log! I am interested in this kit as well. Would you be able to take some shots of the kit contents? Like the piles of wood and detail parts, guns, blocks, etc...

From about as far from the ocean as you can get in North America!

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Thanks Dominic... The only plastic part in the kit is the anchor... Its a cheap kit compared to others but its also only 1/100 scale... Dominic when you build HMS Victory from Caldercraft you will be very disappointed with the degree of detail and quality of the kit compared to kits from Caldercraft.


I will either build HMS Snake or HMS Bomb Vessel Granado from Caldercraft as the next build, I have not decided yet.



Current Build:


U.S. Brig Syren 

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Sorry, I've massively got confused between kits. For some reason I was mixing up their HMS Warrior kit with this one. Completely disregard my post lol.


Not sure where my head was at yesterday :huh:


As for the CC Vic...so far I've actually found it the best one I've come across. I like the AL version but it bugs me that they only include metal boats for the Launch'. The CC version includes them all PoB, (or PoF, I always get them mixed up which is which).


CNC cut parts annoy me though...they're a bugger to remove from the frets.


Anyway, good luck with the Conny, look forward to seeing her progress.




Current Build: HMAV Bounty by Caldercraft 1:64

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