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Whats the best wood filler to use to fill in gaps in planking?

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Just finished the first planking nad need to fill in some gaps and low areas after sanding and scraping before planking with my finish second planking. Need to know what would be the best wood filler to use.


I am not going to paint or stain over this filler,just gluing my finish planking down on top of it .





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Hi Keith,


If you have any piles of sawdust left over from sanding, you could mix it with wood glue.  I have found that to be the best filler for gaps. It sands well and blends with the wood at the same time, unlike alot of commercially available fillers.

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I agree with both replies.  I personally use Elmers wood filler as well as DAP spackling compound, I have also used Bondo putty from the automotive store.

One note on using filler you make with PVA and sawdust.  If you intend to stain the area you will not get very good results. When dried, the PVA will prevent the stain from being absorbed into the wood fibers resulting in a blotchy finish. However, you said you do not intend to do that so there should be no problems.



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Are there any problems getting PVA to hold veneer planks to DAP Spackling Compound if I use that to fill imperfections to the rough planks?

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id like to ask about this also, what glue is most recommended for longevity ? Im wondering what all those 200 year old models are held together with, hyde glue is the only thing I can think of from that period that was in use and it seems to have worked well for instruments and furniture.Curious if anyone has used it for a model?

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Price, How do you do.  


Rendered collagen from animal hides and hooves was the bond most likely originally used on those classic models we see in the museums as well as furniture and other wood projects.  I understand that it is still used in some instrument making and antique repairs, so it must be available if you want to give it a try.  Fortunately we have other choices today, as using glue from hides is difficult, smells bad, and the animal rights people would no doubt harass you and this site if you used it.  As an aside, I wonder if vegans refuse to sit on antique chairs or play a violin,  hmmmmm.


Aliphatic emulsion resins (yellow carpenter's glue) is my choice for wood, and I use polyvinyl acetate (white glue) at times when setting seizings and such in rigging.  Epoxy certainly has an important place especially for metal to wood or similar situations.  Some folks like cyanoacrylate glue, but this is not my choice, normally.  Once in a while I use it as a cheater bond to hold  tricky piece of wood in place while the aliphatic glue cures.   



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