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What keel clamp is recommended?

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Can I get some recommendations for a keel clamp (or vise, whatever we call it).  I thought sure I'd see a topic on this, but I'm not finding much.  The only definite thing I've seen is advice to not bother with Amati's.


What do you have and like, which are the most versatile, yet not the most expensive.




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Ahoy Mark :D


Who told you not to bother with the Amati.


I will admit that it is expensive but good tools generally are. I got mine on an MS 40% off sale. LOL I am cheap like that. Due to its price I only recommend it to those who have made a commitment to the hobby. In my opinion; it is the second best clamp in the industry


You can build the best clamp for under 3 dollars 








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I've built 30+ models and never used or wished I had one. I have an old towel that I roll up on the bench and put the model on that when working on it. Consider getting into the build first and working with whatever tools/techniques you have, and then decide as you go what you need and what you don't. Maybe I'm just cheap but it bothers me to spend $$ on something that I buy and then never end up using.

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JPett, thanks - there's a post in this forum titled "Amati tools", and actually I misrepresented it in my post.  A couple of people had slightly negative comments about their holder, but mostly that it was a bit on the small side, I was probably unfair there.  I've seen your post about building one, remembered it.  But I think what I'd like is one of those that (1) gets the work up off the table a little (closer to my eyes), and (2) one which you're able to hold a POB model inverted to use while planking the hull.  Otherwise, I agree with you - a couple of straight-edges that you can adjust for a keel width on the table ought to be good.


HSM, I know - I admit to already having a couple of such tools that were buying mistakes...


So I'm still going to look - would probably like one of those that's a "Goldilocks" size, has a couple of sliding, adjustable clamps, that can fit between bulkheads.  I see plenty of photos of them in build logs, but would like to hear from folks (like HSM!) who are glad or sorry that they've bought a certain one.

Wondering what people have, how much approx., and where'd they buy?

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