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bermuda brig like fair american, actual rudder contol


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I have been looking and as posted a lot of them had no cabin and a tiller , or had a cabin and ran the rudder post and tiller on top of the cabin.


I know that in a larger ship the controls would have run under the cabins and then up to a wheel.


the idea that I have seen of having a cabin and running the lines and the rudder inside the cabin seems to be crazy to me.


I am thinking of making the cabin taller and picturing a kind of cubby / bench by the windows that allow some workings to be there and then run down under and forward.


will have to make a drawing and see if my idea could work at all.....  or if the nice looking  Fair American models would have never worked as shown.


what good is a 3 foot cabin full of ropes and blocks and with the tiller in the middle ??


if you made the cabin say 7 foot tall or 8 foot tall then at the stern you could lose part of the floor space to make a box to hide some of the works and have a decent cabin I think.

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The Fair American's cabin most likely had a lowered deck and raised platforms on either side for the guns in the cabin. That is how Clayton Feldman reasoned it in his articles on building his model of the Fair American back in the 1980s.He also showed the rigging for the steering under the cabin roof.  


Those articles were published collectively in a paper back booklet in 1986. It is titled 18th Century War Brig Fair American, building a plank on frame model, by Clayton Feldman.



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