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Penlee lifeboat tragedy

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I cant believe it is over 30 years since this disaster happened. All hands were lost as the Penlee lifeboat Soloman Browne went to rescue the Union Star after its engines failed. All 16 souls were lost including 8 volunteer lifeboatmen on 19 December 1981. We should always be in the lifeboatmens debt as they volunteer to rescue those at sea sometimes with horrific consequences. RIP the Penlee lifeboat men and the crew of the Union Star. After rescuing several men from the Union Star, the Soloman Browne lifeboat was crushed against rocks by the Union Star with the loss of everyone on board. 31 years has gone by in an instant. 

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The Solomon Browne's coxswain Trevelyen Richard refused to take on board more than one member of the same family when they reported for duty such was the atrocious conditions at sea. What guts, he must have known this was no ordinary rescue attempt. 

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Amen to your first post. Regarding your latest, a good call on the decision of the coxswain – he would have known how devastating it would be, to lose more than one member of the same family.


When I lived in the UK, and worked in the local museum, the RNLI collecting box was always regularly filled, and just as regularly emptied by one of their employees. Being a voluntary organisation, they need all the help they can get. Brave men indeed.

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The bravest of the brave.

And the boats go on, going out when all other vessels have taken shelter, to save lives at the risk of their own.

Makes one feel humble and so so grateful .


Be proud to take out your wallets and support them - remember this is a volunteer force.

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