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making sails

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well I think it will help if you can tell us which version of the bounty kit you are building as the scale and what the kit has given you instructions for will vary from one to the next.


also some details of rigging may be very difficult in the scale is small, there may be simple versions of some details to use on some kits.


also depending on how much of the model you have built adding rigging of the sails may have issues, to rig sails you need more blocks and more belaying pins and other details, you may need to get more parts and add more belaying pins and such to attach the added lines and blocks to.


not saying do not do it, just that it can add complication to the build.

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This just popped up on another thread:




Hope it helps with the sailmaking part of your work.

Do you at least have dimensions for the spars the sails have to fit onto?

Otherwise you're going to have to do a lot of research to figure it all out.


Joel Sanborn

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A very good place to start for Bounty's rigging and Sails is the Anatomy of the Ship series book,  The Armed Transport Bounty  by John McKay.  If you limited yourself to one book to build Bounty, this is the one. This book is readily available on line, new or used and is a good value for the money.  I paid less than $26.00 for mine and it included shipping.


Phil Roach

NRG Director

President, Southwest Florida Ship Modeler's Guild

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