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La Candelaria by Foultide - OcCre - 1:85 (Dan)

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After finishing my last project, Curtis-Jenny Bi plane, it was time to get back into the ship yard.

I've chosen The La Candelaria, I think this is my first OcOre kit so looking forward to see how it goes.

Heres a few pics to get started.

The required unwraping and inspection. First glance and things look good,a few to many metal bits, I'll try to fix that as I go.

A quick check on symmatry and things look good.

Using a miter box to square things up....






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First of all, wish you the best with your project. As for OcOre kits, I find them pretty much mediocre. I had a San Juan model once, which is still alive, but won't be finished - can't tell the difference with Artesania Latina. Pretty much the same to me.


The final quality will solely depend on your desire to do some investigation of the current ship and do suctom stuff. I'd recommend to google La Candelaria and see, what you an improve. OcOre and AL models are not very accurate. Well, mostly.

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Thanks Monkeyman, I'm not looking for historical acuracy. not much chance of my ships going to a museum so

I do this for fun and intertanment. In the end I'll build my Candelaria not "the candelaria"

Your right though there isn't much extraordinary with this kit but it wasn't really expencive ether.

Cheers    :)

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Looks great so far! I'm working on the OcCre Dos Amigos at the moment and have found the materials mediocre all around, but also that magically the kit builds up into something really quite nice with some extra care and attention - I too have replaced all of the metal parts and this has, I think, made a difference. I'm sure your Candelaria will be beautiful. Looking forward to following this build


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Time for a little up date,

Hull is now complete and three of the rubbing strakes on one side.

The Bucklers and Stern Battens are on.

The hindges are on the rudder awaiting mounting to the keel.

The stern lantern is assembled, I used an old belaying pin to act as a "Light"








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Here some pics of the upper stern.It has been completely bashed.

I had to lower the window frame to line up better with the Quater gallery windows and the upper deck was in the middle of the windows.

I may build up the Captians cabin haven't decided yet, the scale is wrong but then this kit wasn't ment for this kind of creative destuction....

After many trail and errors I failed to bend the capping for the top of the upper stern so I tried to laminate what I wanted, worked out fairly well. Used the metal part as a mold.

I would make  "male and female" presses to sandwitch this togeather, next time.

I will add some adornments to match the windows and bow.

The figure head is painted and ready to go.






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Hei there,

Amazing work on the stern. Looking at the pictures it seems I have a different metal Stern part then you do.  :huh:

I was also wondering about the shelves on the bell tower. Maybe they are meant to be stairs/ a sort of ladder. 

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Hi Schnu, I've looked at your build coming along, I have the same kit as you do but I have completely redone the stern.

I wanted to replace the metal and this is the way it worked out. I hadn't thought of those platforms as steps, i tihink you might be right there.

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I decided to furnish the rear quarters,  As the stern will be a little hard to see into I didn't go crazy.

I have stained one side below the water line not sure if I like it so I have left the other side alone for now.

I'm thinking I may even do one side different from the other, turn the ship around and get a whole new look...









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Impressive cabin decoration. I also wanted to do one but I gave up, thought the scale was too small. But it seems that with experience everything is possible.

I was wondering how you made your stern, is it only made out of planks or did you reinforce it?



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Hi Schnu, The ship side is the orginal ply wood piece and on the out side I used a piece of balsa and planked it.

I should have built in a curve when I glued it togeather but I forgot and ended up making the stern of the ship flat which nearly took me into the rudder space....yikes!

The top and bottom of the Gallery windows are blocks carved down to fill the spaces the metal decorations would have occupied.  

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Tales from the ship yard..

I did the two sides in different styles.

They both look O.K. you can be the judge. Vote for your favorite.

I went for heavier posts under the rear upper deck and the support under the Anchor davits, added some structure under the front upper deck.The posts and a wall.

The sweeper port covers were also an add in, the gun port framing will added in soon.








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