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Pasara by Matija - 1:30, Traditional boat of the Croatian Adriatic, 1:30 - Finished

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Here are a few more photos:





















Regards, Matija.




those cut into shape corners of the cockpit frame look great, also floorboards, deck and fitting out,

very nice model



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Hi Patrick, Mike, Nils, Mark,

thank you for your nice comments.

I'd like to build go faster but I have's and other obligations ...

You are right for image IMG_0440, and I like it :).

Corners of the cockpit frame maybe I made too sharp but reviewing documents I found these.


Mike, wood deck is larch, the rest is pear. Larch is selected with extremely fine tree rings order to be seen on the small planks.


Regards, Matija.

Edited by Matija
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Thank you, dear friends, on the good wishes .. :)


If we enjoy in the little things, then every day is a beautiful and filled .. ;)


Currently I am busy with the reconstruction of a small ship 7.5 we upon it I'm changing everything except shells and cabins, where the whole...


Thus I started:






My models are waiting for a more peaceful time.

Thank you once again and wish you all the best.


regards, Matija.

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Once again thank you for the congratulations for my birthday  :) ---


Mark, I'll definitely post photos (only I do not think that the Amazing Photographs), it may be a place  1:1 build log such as Bob says;).

   The ship is currently in painting cabins and hull underwater part. Then move on to the coloring of the engine compartment and installing electricity ....

Mike, I need a lot of luck (thank you) and work to finish the job. I think the worst job of grinding and removal of bad materials is finished.

The rest is easy ;) 


Nenad, it is difficult to compare two such different ship.

Trabakul usually had pasara for dinghy .. differ in purpose and size ... at the beginning of the log of build I described pasara.

I am pleased that this Pasara returning to the past, it is one of the reasons why we build these models.


Best regards, Matija.

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