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Favorite old timer quotes

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The most challenging seam for a ship's carpenter to caulk, or "Pay", was the junction of the upper deck waterways and the deck planking. It was unflatteringly known as "The Devil". The pitch used for the job also had to be very hot to do the job correctly, and with minimum labor.


So the expression for an extremely difficult task in the 19th century was "There is the Devil to Pay and no pitch hot!" 


Today, we just say "There is the Devil to Pay", but we think it just means give satan money as a bribe. :)

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My dear  mom had a few earthy sayings (put it in context of the northern back-woods of the early 1900s).

Regarding somebody's financial situation; "She doesn't have a pot to p*ss in; or a window to throw it out of." (before indoor plumbing)

Regarding somebody's high opinion of themselves; "She thinks her sh*t don't stink, but her f*rts give her away."

Speaking of which, she would say; "It is better to f*rt and bear the the shame, than not to f*rt and bear the pain."

One of my dad's favorites; "It is daylight in the swamp" (he was a lumberjack before I was born, I didn't know the meaning of that until I recently googled it).


The older I get, then wiser they get in hindsight.

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