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American Gunboat - 3d Design

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Hi there,

I show you updates of my gunboat, so, I have some dudes about frames, lower deck, and ladders..

1. What do you think about frames distribution in my model?

2. I draw the lower deck in 3 sections, stern, stem and central, but, Im not sure about it, distance between deck and lower deck is almost 5 feet, and I suppose was necessary to use a ladder (in my model I draw 2, 65º grades respect keel, 1 feet between steps).

3. Had a captain's cabins this type of boat?, and what could be the suggested location?

I look forward for your replay

Thank you!!

P.D. Sorry for my english 



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Hi there,
sorry for my delay response,

Thanks you Rao and Joshua!!.
Nils, I spend about 3 days for frame detail.. And about 2 weeks for the whole model.. But I spend a lot of time looking for information....terrible really...
Jud...hehe..perhaps ¡... I can draw all the planking...but my first goal was obtain parts for cnc router..
Don9.. That is a render in SW, You can choose some types of wood, in my first pics the render has oak, and pine.

Thanks for your comments... I'm finishing 2 models more... Spanish gunboats..

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i did it

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