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Rigging colours


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I'm not saying that because I just want Chuck to get more business. I think that he has the best product out there; both line and blocks.  Before I saw Chucks line I looked at a number of suppliers and ordered my whole rigging plans worth of Morope.  It looks really nice; clean, crisp and no fuzz.  The only drawback I found after I started to work with it is the material is nylon.  That is what gives it the clean look, but it   s t r e t c h e s    a lot.  It will also unravel instantly when cut.  But that is easily controllable with a dab of CA before you cut it.


So, given it all over again, I would order Chucks line.


That said, there have been some newer members on MSW who are producing rigging line for sale.  I have not had the chance to check out their product yet. If you look in the Traders/Dealers threads you will find some , I think.

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New rope walk, "planetary" 3.0 by Alexey Domanoff posted a few days ago, it has the capability for a center core. Using a minimum stretch core might make synthetic line easier to tension without stretch. Small stainless steel wire perhaps, little bulk with no stretch and would have a memory so forming lines to hang naturally might become eraser.? This rope walk can make up to 4 strand rope plus the core. This rope walk comes with the  additional capability's I wanted to see in commercial rope walks, that would have been built into any I might build for myself. Expect this to be a best seller. I have no affiliation with the maker.


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Stretching is the result of the material used and the way the rope is turned.

 Quality linen resolves most of the stretching problems.

The machine used fixes the rest, the more adjustment the better, and no adjustments the worst.

Other qualities of the ropes can be adjust such as the flexibility or the rigidity by turning too much turns.

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