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I am pleased to announce the upcoming publication of a new monograph on an harbor (fitting-part ?) yacht *   The ship choosed is Le Rochefort 1787.
This is a small vessel particularly suited to construcion framing beginners, Plans are accompanied by a richly illustrated manual 3D drawings. The book is in French.
* These yachts were designed to transport powder to the ships anchored in the harbor.
Gérard Delacroix
(Sorry for my bad english...)
Edited by G. Delacroix
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Hello Gerard.

Nice to see a new adisional monograph being added to your collection.

Will this be in English in the near or far future ?


Regards Antony.

Best advice ever given to me."If you don't know ..Just ask.

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Mr. Delacroix,


As usual, your monographs looks absolutely first rate! 


Since you are in the monograph business, might I be so bold as to make a recommendation for a future subject? The beautiful 24-pounder French frigate class deserves to be covered. These include La Forte/Egyptienne, La Vengeance/Resistance and the numerous frigates of the Immortalite Class, of which many plans and models survive. I predict that this would be a very popular subject, especially with members here.

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Thank you for the compliments.


It is very curious what you say because, precisely, I am currently collects information about L'Egyptienne, 24 frigate.

I need to find enough documents and in particular the wood quotations to make my choice.



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Chère M. Delacroix,


Congratulations on the publication of your new monograph. The harbour supply vessel is a lovely and unusual subject. As usual, your drawings are first rate. Hopefully an English language edition will follow for those unfamiliar with French.


Avec meilleurs souhaits,



Be sure to sign up for an epic Nelson/Trafalgar project if you would like to see it made into a TV series  http://trafalgar.tv

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Hi Mr Delacroix

Have just received my copy of le rochefort. Beautifully drawn plans and the monograph will be of great help especially with the 3d drawings. Goes a very long way in explaining the relationship between the various timbers. I look forward to making a start in the near future......just triton cross section and chucks cutter cheerful to do first!

Merci !!!!


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