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American Clipper Ship Flying Fish by steven sturgis - Model Shipways

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Hey Steven, I just found your build log about the "Flying Fish". It is amazing to see how many battles you are fighting at the same time. I will follow your log from now on because i am sure that after all your "testing" and "practicing" the outcome will be something special. I just started to build the "Flying Cloud". So my current work is not that far from yours. The source of my build is an old "Heller" plastic kit in 1:200. My scale is somewhat smaller than yours so i won't add that many details or will have more problems to do so. My build is only in the beginning. I completely sanded the hull parts with all the carved details. The upper hull of the Flying Cloud is ebony. I planked that part with 0,5x1 mm maple veneer stripes and will paint them black with ebony wood paint. The underwater part of the hull i coppered with Tiffany copper strips. The wales and the keel I replaced with wood parts. Next part will be the planking of  the bulwarks and the decks. 

Unfortunately i didn't find plans of the Flying Cloud so far. But I guess she is similar to the Flying Fish so I can follow the examples of her in the net, esp. the rigging. I found this manual to download. I guess it is from the Mamoli Kit of the Flying Fish:




You can d/l and see if it is of any use for you.

So long, looking forward to see your progress. Harry


Edit: By the way. I use Japan paper for my sails. After cutting and gluing the leek lines I put them on a pillow to form and paint them with a mixture of wood glue and water. After drying I spray them with matt white color. After they are dry u can shape them with a hairdryer. The paper gets quite stabile with the glue and color. Any pencil details and weathering can be added. Its cheap and gives a nice result. And you avoid sewing ;-) You can check the paper sails on my Santa Maria in my gallery here in MSW.

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Just look at Misty's eyes. She considers you her soul mate. And will be glad to share with you. Your Flying Fish is looking good. Keep plugging away. Your clamps are a test of patience and steady nerves. You are doing everything right.

David B

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Hello Steve,


I'm a newby to ship building. I just started my build of the Flying fish clipper. i'll start collecting pics of by build. I'm lucky to have a nice shop to work in.

like you I play with the CNC equipment, although most of my work is in metal. :) On your nail screws where did you find a left hand tap and die?


love the work you have done up till the post last march. are you still working on her?


would to just talk with you off forum. you can reach me at lseguine@yahoo.com

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Reading that article published in Nov 1851, there's a lot of detail that it would appear the newspaper publisher and author assumed the general public knew about ships, their construction etc. Today it would never fly. (pun intended). Too bad. It's nice to have a working knowledge of things and so much of our specie's history and advancement is tied to the ships and the sea......

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