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I am in Architectural Woodworking business, and I've found DraftSight that is recommended as the closest software to Autocad. I was wondering if anyone used this program. I would like to learn it both for my ship model project and to improve my processional skill.

Thank you

PS I'm also considering Free Cad - any feedback?

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Good morning Josua


I use Draftsight every day and the free version is quite good but not perfect.


I've been draughting in pencil since 1970 then switched to AutoCAD R12 in the early 90's, then Solidworks 3D and Inventor 3D.

Had to take courses for all of them to be productive.

Now as I said using Draftsight for straight 2D stuff.


There are many other free programs out there and you will hear the same about them.

I am sure some are better than others.


I'd suggest you upload them and try them out.

I imagine that if you have any level of experience in CAD draughting (drafting) you will be able to tell which you prefer fairly quick.

If this is your first attempt at drawing in 2D with a CAD program, it is easier then it might appear at first, you will need a good tutorial to learn the commands.  Apparently draftsight offers them, I've never looked at them.



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I tried it and I think I've found some bugs. I couldn't trace on attached image, the image disappearing, and needed to be reloaded after each line (except with spline, but spline again had some other issues) I may try Autocad, since I may have an access. Thank you.

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I have used DraftSight as well and it is and old version of Autocad that has been modified by Dassult Systems. So in some sense it is the closest thing to Autocad. I also found some short comings especially with spline curves and making the ends tangent to other curves.


Free Cad is metric only, no inches.

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